Confidence Series: Nakia Moore


confidence series

Sometimes the scariest thing can be wearing or doing something that causes you to stand out from the crowd. Nothing makes your heart race and palms sweat quite like the feeling of being stared at or questioned. But despite the nerves that come along with this, staying true to ourselves and what’s important to us should come above all else. The stylish woman featured in our second part of the confidence series–Nakia Moore–knows exactly what that’s like. *all photos are courtesy of Nakia’s website and social media*


Nakia wears a hijab, but rather than feeling shy about it, it has boosted her confidence, faith, and connection to people. Her style is impeccable, her taste for trends are superb, and her editorial skills are incredible. Meet the #girlboss behind the blog Veiled Vogue, and learn more about what keeps her confidence consistent.

VV: Year in school/major?
N: Senior majoring in business

VV: Favorite song/band/singer?
N: for right now: bad suns

VV: Favorite trend or outfit?
N: Maxi dresses. Easy to put on, and dress up or down!

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetVV: What has helped you gain confidence over these last few years?
N: Wearing more colorful or eccentric looking pieces of clothing. I would describe my style as having been very minimalistic throughout the years. Having moved to small town Tuscaloosa, AL from Atlanta, GA was a huge change in fashion atmosphere. I still hold on to my personal style here in Tuscaloosa, so I’m always standing out.


VV: Is there an outfit or a piece of clothing that makes you feel confident? How so?
N: My scarves. Wearing the hijab definitely puts you out there. it puts much attention to the outfit your wearing and your face of course. Dressing modestly in general makes me feel more confident, because although I love fashion and styling myself every morning, I still want to be judged based on my personality and what I bring to the table. Contrary to that opinion, I still believe that all people should be judged for their character and not what they choose to wear!

VV: When was a time where you really lacked confidence? How did you change this?
N: When I first started blogging, I was really discouraged seeing all the successful bloggers and writers around me. I didn’t think my career in writing would amount to much when I first started college. Fast forward to my senior year, and I’ve been writing and editing for for the past two years, and I’m an opinion writer for my college newspaper. When you put yourself out there and look for those hidden opportunities—doors really do open.


VV: Why is it important to help empower other women?
N: Empowering women leads to be better society in general. empowering women means empowering generations of children after us.

VV: What are your hopes and goals for yourself or women in general?
N: My hopes and goals are to become one of the best and successful business women. I want to establish a modest clothing business that’s run by women, for women.


You can follow Nakia and her successful experiences on her blog and her Instagram. Thank you for contributing Nakia; we can’t wait to see all the beautiful things you accomplish!

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