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Nothing better than welcoming the weekend with a #GIRLBOSSmoment. (Insert heart-eyed emoji).


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I recently partnered with Society Gal to share my experience in digitally growing a brand. As our girl gang has grown and our blog has emerged, I have learned so much about the value of knowledge and persistence in the pursuit of a dream, and I’m so excited to share some learning lessons with you all.

Check out my article to gain some insight on how to grow your budding dream + how to boost engagement / develop your brand identity on Instagram:

Keep hustlin, ladies. Dreams don’t work unless you do. Xo!


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Some days feel like they never end. They drain you, and they take every last ounce of motivation and confidence you have. That’s why it’s important to counteract those experiences and days with ones that make you feel powerful. Ones that remind you of why you’re here and why you want to keep going. I’m lucky I have such an amazing girl gang and an amazing group of loved ones behind me to keep me going. It’s amazing how much your favorite clothes combined with an impromptu photo shoot can boost your self-esteem.

The next time you feel like you’re going to crack or let go and give up, remember all that you stand for and the people who are cheering the loudest for you.

pop of color.


The unimaginable has happened. I, owner of only black, have purchased a non-neutral colored item. Although uncomfortable at first, I have grown to enjoy this slight intrusion on my norm. Thanks to buffalo exchange and aritzia, I was able to find something that suited me, and added something different to my closet. Skirt is trauffalific and top is Talula. Boots are Zara 

stories collective p. II: a unique approach to fashion editorial


Last Thursday, I shared my feature on Stories Collective‘s diary on V+V, and truth be told I’m still blushing over it. It was such a humbling experience getting a behind the scenes look at how these girlbosses approach the art of fashion editorial.


( ^^ Seriously, how cool is this?!)

Today, I’m so excited to give you guys a look at their creative process and a glimpse at what goes in to what they do.

VV: What inspired you and Gabriela to start stories collective?

ML: Me and Gabriela were a bit frustrated that we could not have much creative freedom at our previous jobs. We worked for many top stylists and magazines but were never able to fully express our creativity and do things our way. We were full of ideas and we wanted to work with them, our goal was to create meaningful concepts for our editorials and not be to too stuck up on trends. Also, at the time we had recently graduated from our Master’s in Fashion Media Production at London College of Fashion. We had been studying a lot about digital media and the possibilities of online platforms, [so] all this combined brought the inspiration for starting our own online magazine, Stories Collective.


VV: How do you style and plan the look and feel of a new issue?

ML: Every issue starts with a meeting where we bring together things we had been researching at the moment. It could be anything from random inspirations we see on the street, people’s behaviors or even a book we are reading. Me and Gabriela are very visual people so after the first briefing we start researching imagery which gives form the issue´s aesthetic.


behind the scenes


VV: At Velvet + Vinyl, we believe women can be empowered by their sense of style, whatever it may be. As such, I resonated with the following line featured in your “About” page: “Simple or complex, mundane or extraordinary, analytic or artistic – all human expressions are explored.” What role do you think self-expression has in terms of influencing an individual’s sense of style?

ML: With our style we are sending a non-verbal message to the world about ourselves, everyday when you choose your clothes you are expressing your individuality. Our individual sense of style is a medium for self-expression and expressing yourself is one of the most empowering things people can do.

VV: What’s your go-to advice as it pertains to styling a photoshoot?

ML: Don´t be afraid of trying things out and always follow your gut.


VV: Which issue is your favorite and why?

ML: It is so difficult for me to choose only one favorite, as I believe every issue has their own story behind it and the themes do represent our deepest emotions.

I absolutely love the Fun & Colours issue. This was our second and it was so amazing doing it. Me and Gabriela styled more than 5 editorials for this edition so it really has our soul and hard work on it.


the fun and colours issue

Also the Elements issue is very special for me as it is all about nature and components that form our planet. For this edition we received collaborations from all around the globe and it truly shows many landscapes that surround us. Also it represents this desire of connecting with mother earth, from the smallest chemical reactions to the basic elements such as fire, water, air, earth and spirit.


the jawbreaker issue

Seattle Photo Diary


This weekend, a trip up to Deattle provided me with some inspirational photo ops. everything from the Space Needle to the OG Nordstrom to Molly Moon’s ice cream left me with color and texture envy.

For those of you rearing to go to the pacific northwest, here are a few highlights you can’t miss out on.

(Obviously) the original Nordstrom
If you want the most amazing, overstimulating, fashionable experience, you’ve found it. With 6 floors of style, you’ll never want to leave. Zara is also nearby, and if you’re a fashionista from Oregon, you know that we’re Zara-deprived.

Via Tribulani
It’s not just a pizza place. It’s a slice of Italy shoved into a dimly lit room. Don’t be fooled by it’s hard wood benches and candlit bathroom; the pizza will be the most orgasmic thing that ever touched your taste buds.

The original Starbucks
This seems like one of those tourist traps that really isn’t worth it. But I must say that the baristas’ humor, kindness, and recommendations make the (suprisingly quick) line worth it. I also drank the best iced coconut milk caramel mocha macchiato I’ve ever had.

Show Pony Boutique
The aesthetic of this Fremont boutique is darling, and it’s nearly impossible to leave without buying a cactus in a pot or a leather bag. go with plenty of time to browse and try on.


stories collective feature


I recently partnered with Mariana Lourenco of Stories Collective, an incredibly inspirational fashion blog that takes a unique approach to fashion editorial.

Throughout the process of our work together, I wrote a piece for Stories Collective diary on my favorite record stores in Portland, OR. Because my love and growing interest for collecting vinyl was an initial component of my idea for creating Velvet + Vinyl, this article was exceptionally special for me.

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For all your girlbosses out there – never doubt the power that comes from merging your passions and interests in the pursuit of your dreams. You never know what opportunities you’ll uncover with a little bit of courage and an ambitious work ethic.

Underground brands.


I want to give you three brands have you ever received a mixtape from a friend, clad with new music that opens doors to even more new music? Those moments are my absolute favorite. finding new things to add variety to my life has become a goal I have set for myself, and am constantly trying to fulfill it with different types of things everyday.

I want to give you three brands that your closet needs. You may not have heard of them, but that is the beauty of it. They are slightly unheard of, or completely unique in style. Check em out.

1. Perspectives global. A brand based out of oregon, and a super trendy take on streetwear. The modern, sleek look and artistic element incorporated in is truly genius, and will add serious dimension to your closet.

2.Represent. A british brand that is edgy and clean. A little more on the expensive side, but these pieces are totally one of a kind. These chelsea boots have just been released, and all the color ways are selling out ridiculously quick. Check em out!

3.Sadboycrew. For the bold and rad. So adboycrew is a brand fostered by musicians, and those that follow the industry. You can spot all kinds of artists wearing this apparel, and don’t worry, there is a ‘sad girl line’ and it’s equally as epic.