Confidence Series


Confidence is hard. We’re born into a world that’s always trying to tear us down. But if we can surround ourselves with a badass girl gang, we can be unstoppable. I believe it’s important to highlight the women who are killing it in what they do, in fact that’s the beautiful reasoning behind V + V. Empower those phenomenal, creative women who haven’t let anything stop them.

confidence series

This series is going to talk all things confidence with women. Why it’s hard, why they struggled with it, how they overcame confidence problems, and how they’re shining now. Follow us as we document the awesome babes slaying it. If you want to be a part of this series or want to nominate someone, hit us up on social or our contact page.

To start off with some mad #girlboss inspiration, here are the babes that the ladies of V+V look up to.

Libby: her best friend from high school, Sophia Amoruso, and Sophia Bush.


Kristen: Emma Gaty, LIGHTS, and Cara Delevigne.


Melissa: Serena Guen, Iskra Lawrence, and the babes at V + V.


Baylee: her best friends Sydney and Jillian, Cartia Mallan, and Ashley Graham.


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