3 Feel-good Summer Essentials


If you’re luckier than the three of us here at V+V, you’re soaking up the rays and enjoying the warm weather. And from experience, I think many of us can agree that a high-maintenance beauty routine for summer is far from ideal. Because of this, I’ve rounded up three products I can’t wait to use once the rain clears up, and three that you can start using now!

1.Pearlessence Marula oil
Marula oil is the goddess of all oils (we still love coconut oil too!), and has an incredible amount of benefits. It’s versatile enough to rub it on your face, throw it on your hair, and spill it on your nails. It has the ability to soften skin, repair damaged hair, heal scars and acne. I’m sold!

2. L’oreal brow stylist plumper
Thick, unruly brows are all the rage right now, and I dig it. A few swipes of this gel and your brows will look fabulous without all the tweezing, trimming, and filling-in. It’ll give you a care-free, natural look that’s perfect for all your beach dwelling and ice-cream licking.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

3. NYX liquid suede cream lipstick
Brown is the new oxblood, and it’s the summer equivalent of a perfect fall-time lipstick. I recommend using these chocolaty, latte-esque colors in the form of a lip stain. This’ll help them stay on better when the heat makes you sparkle.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Have fun with your cosmetic and style adventures this summer! Lastly, I wanted to leave you with three confidence boosters for yourself:

  1. If you feel good, you look even better!
  2. If you’re feeling down find a friend for an impromptu dance party.
  3. Remember you have a beautiful set of talents and specialities unique to you.

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