Rose Festival Dreams


I was fortunate enough last weekend to wander the rose fair in PDX with the oh-so-talented Jake Casapao. He uses film cameras only, and after shooting with him, I also began to really love the mystery and unexpectedness of film. We collaborated with urban outfitters to shoot some nostalgic summer style.

Jake and I both liked the idea of doing light wash denim. It’s such a pretty, sun-bleached color for summer and the high-waisted is a trend that has yet to fade.

The wrangler crop tee is a loving salute to the ’90s. I love the red cuff sleeves and collar; it’s playful and adventurous—just how I want my summers to be.

I was also able to wear some adidas stan smiths with my outfit (the current sneaker I’m obsessed with). This emphasized the athleisure, laid back look we were going for. my choker was a finishing touch to the ’90s vibe.

My hair and makeup I tried to keep minimal. I curled it early in the morning and then let it get messy throughout the day. I did a very soft smudged eye—the only thing missing is a sunburn.

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