Bodysuit Love


I am obsessed with bodysuits. This trend is one of my faves, and while it wasn’t always, I’ve completely embraced it. when these first began popping up, I must admit I found them to be cringe-worthy. they reminded me of my years of ballet—when I had to don the most unflattering unitards and leotards—but now I practically revere the bodysuit. there are so many different fabric, styles, and colors to choose from.

bodysuit love

this one from urban outfitters is a dream. its fabric is soft, flexible, and comfy while still being a stylish wardrobe staple. combining bodysuits with a rockin’ pair of skinny jeans is my favorite way to wear them. Finish it all off with some vintage booties or a pair of wedges and you’re set for whatever the day throws at you.

I scored this one from T.J. Maxx, and was ecstatic because I found one similar to it earlier in the week that was much more expensive. I adore the lace-up style. Bodysuits definitely add a sexy punch to any outfit while still maintaining a fun, summertime look.

I’ve found the best places to find these chic pieces are urban outfitters, nakd, free people, and topshop. Happy shopping babes! xx

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