Insta-fave: @igobyblue


I am constantly drawing inspiration from my surroundings. Whether that be places I visit, people I meet, or people I admire on social media. branding has become such a huge thing in all industries today, and to me, there is nothing better than someone that has utilized every avenue of social media to make a consistent, unique brand and, in turn, inspire others around them.

Enter, Lottie Anderson aka @igobyblue

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.16.27 AM

I stumbled onto her account on my explore page, and once I started scrolling, I couldn’t stop.

Her clean layout is elegant, but strong. I love the touches of blue throughout the page, and her uses of metallics and white space. I am a sucker for a good aesthetic, and there is no denying that Lottie has killer aesthetic on lock.

She has a visually appealing, but its not just fluff. There is meaning and creativity behind her posts. That is also a big deal to me. Its clear to me she is a put-together, stylish and organized women. That is the power of social media branding. Its establishes a first impression of sorts.

She also has a website, which is equally as clean, and references beauty, design, life and style feeds all of which are cohesive with her minimal, but powerful brand. She nails it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.22.34 AM.png

If you are needing some inspiration, I would highly suggest following her and taking notes. She is #instagramgoals, and extremely talented. Check her out!

*All pictures from Lottie Anderson’s account*

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