Top 5 Hair Care Products


Summer is just around the corner and with all the heat that’s been around it’s important to give your hair a little TLC. I’ve recently received some compliments and questions on how I do my hair, so I wanted to share the products I can’t live without in my daily routine.

  1. It’s a 10 miracle leave-in product
    Thanks to my fabulous sister, I was introduced to this product. It’s the perfect lightweight spray/gel hybrid to put on your hair before blow drying. It diminishes frizz, doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, makes your hair feel silky, and smells phenomenal.
  2. Batiste dry shampoo
    Since I have very fine hair, it gets greasy easily. (I envy the people who can go for a few days without washing!) Batiste is my go-to when my hair needs a boost of volume and some oil clean-up. I also love that this brand comes in colors and in a basic white spray. I use the white one to give my hair a more platinum look.
  3. Nume curling wand
    My hair is naturally straight (a blessing and a curse), but I really adore soft and messy waves. This Nume curling wand is not only my favorite color, but it gets the job done so well. I’m usually not a fan of wands, but because this one isn’t tapered it’s easier to get the look I’m going for.
  4. Rusk leave-in conditioner
    Rusk has a lot of cool hair products and I’m a sucker for the leave-in conditioner. Luckily you can find this one and some of the other products on the list at places like Marshalls and T.J.Maxx. Rusk’s leave-in smells subtly fruity and adds some extra shine while acting as a detangler for my hair.
  5. Clairol shimmer lights purple shampoo
    I’m obsessed with cooler blonde tones. I have a lot of honey-colored strands in my hair, so I really enjoy using purple shampoo to pull the yellow out and add some hints of silver. Clairol is the best one I’ve found on the market and I believe it’s also the cheapest! 
    Happy hair caring!

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