wear you come from


Last week was spent in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Five years ago this weekend, I packed up a life of love, laughter and a lot of country music in to a collection of worn cardboard boxes and ventured out to the Pacific Northwest for the start of a new chapter.

Because V+V is rooted in the idea of embodying who you are through your sense of style, I thought I’d give y’all an inside look to the place I call home, and the corner of the world that has made me who I am.

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carabello coffee, newport KY / my love for anything coffee + kate spade


cheapside cafe, downtown cincinnati / lots of neutrals

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my favorite view of the city

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bill’s donuts, centerville OH / the same donuts dad had for breakfast as a teenager after his morning paper route

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carew tower, downtown cincinnati / a fresh perspective from the 45th floor

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cheapside cafe, downtown cincinnati / aesthetic

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my sweet friend paige, founder of @modestcloth / everything black + white

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6:03 am / CVG airport entrance

Where you come from, what you love and what you do are each unique staples of who you are. Always do them justice. Xo!

blacks for summer.


For those who like their clothes as black as their soul *cue hand raise.* It is often hard to find a way to wear dark clothing in the summer when everyone seems to be clad in florals and pastels.

For the girls out there unwilling to forego dark hues despite the sunshine weather, here is a way to wear black, while simultaneously emitting a summery vibe.

Blouse is free people

Shorts are from ACTIVE skate shop

Boots are from Zara

hair done by Kerry at picasso artistic salon

All photos by emma gaty photography






Confidence Series


Confidence is hard. We’re born into a world that’s always trying to tear us down. But if we can surround ourselves with a badass girl gang, we can be unstoppable. I believe it’s important to highlight the women who are killing it in what they do, in fact that’s the beautiful reasoning behind V + V. Empower those phenomenal, creative women who haven’t let anything stop them.

confidence series

This series is going to talk all things confidence with women. Why it’s hard, why they struggled with it, how they overcame confidence problems, and how they’re shining now. Follow us as we document the awesome babes slaying it. If you want to be a part of this series or want to nominate someone, hit us up on social or our contact page.

To start off with some mad #girlboss inspiration, here are the babes that the ladies of V+V look up to.

Libby: her best friend from high school, Sophia Amoruso, and Sophia Bush.


Kristen: Emma Gaty, LIGHTS, and Cara Delevigne.


Melissa: Serena Guen, Iskra Lawrence, and the babes at V + V.


Baylee: her best friends Sydney and Jillian, Cartia Mallan, and Ashley Graham.


single review: ‘Alright’ by Young Summer


If you guys aren’t boppin’ around new music release site hype machine, then you aren’t finding the best new music when it comes out!

Today, I stumbled onto this fresh out of the works (as in it was released 13 hours ago) gem called ‘Alright’ by washington-DC artist Young Summer (listen above).

This single is a perfect summer song. with pop instrumentals, and soothing vocals, ‘Alright’ all but screams warm, top-down, midnight drives and nothing but good vibes.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.08.58 PM.png

Young Summer asks “is it alright?” in her lyrics and all I can say is yes, this single is definitely alright. Its an absolute knockout. But don’t just take it from me, listen to it above, and give her some love.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.08.15 PM.png

Spin it here, and make sure to follow her on social media to stay up to date with new releases!

Young Summer on hype machine

Young Summer instagram

Young Summer soundcloud

modest cloth


Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day with my sweet friend Paige, founder of Modest Cloth, an emerging fashion blog that takes a modest take on modern trends.

Paige and I have been friends since 6th grade, and through the years of witnessing her grow in to a bold, radiant, courageous woman, her sense of style has persisted through the phases and seasons of her life. Her style is also something I have admired about her since our days of gaucho pants and sequin bags. Needless to say, 2006 had some interesting trends.

Though our lives have taken us down unique paths that led us to Portland, OR and Nashville, TN, Paige and I played in our hometown of Cincinnati today. We wandered around the Queen City, tried new coffee shops and visited the Carew Tower – the tallest tower in Cincy with an observation deck on the 45th floor that has an unparalleled view of the city.

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forever 21 shirtdress + handmade vintage necklace

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gap fit leggings + target sandals

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Paige has the mind and eye of a styling genius. Her gift of taking what’s simple and making it beautiful is the heartbeat of Modest Cloth. It is the fuel that sustains this style and gives it a unique twist.

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See more from Modest Cloth: Instagram | Blog


{Note: MC Blog production is in the works + will go live soon}




I’m usually one to fall in love with monochrome colors and muted tones; anything with a pattern I usually stay away from. But fortunately times are changing, and minimalism and print have seemed to find common ground with one another. Here are a few art prints to inspire summer dressing.

This “eyes on you” print by aferova is a unique way to spice up a room, but I also adore finding accessories with a similar print. My phone case is a favorite, and socks with this print are a darling pop to any outfit.

Cactus and succulent prints have taken the fashion industry by storm. I adore the watercolor of this print—agave by the aestate—and it can translate adorably into a sundress or t-shirt. Try a crop tee with a cacti on the pocket (it’s too cute!)

This pattern can be a hit or miss, but it’s a definite staple for any closet. This photo from Sarah Sherman taken in the Miami art district offers some serious style inspiration. A striped crop top with some denim overalls is a perf way to embody this print.

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a letter to the last three months.


In the beginning of march, I received a text message from our founder, and dear friend of mine, Libby. She invited myself and melissa to hit the ground running with her on a dream she had: inspire other women in the fashion and music industry by the means of honest storytelling, and focusing on accomplishments rather than gossip.


With only that needing to be said, i hastily agreed and on march 29th, our girl gang formed and since that day, our weekly meetings, daily photoshoots, continuous support, communication and endless laughs through our group message has entirely changed the blog, and myself, for the better.

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So dear last three months:

Thank you for allowing myself and two other amazing women to form an incomparable bond. Not only have you given me two invaluable friendships, but you have given me a network of women who inspire each other, set goals for each other, and stimulate creativity.

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Since working with velvet + vinyl, I have been able to carry out my own dream of talking with musicians, as well as awakening new dreams of telling stories of fashion and music alongside two other incredible ladies and uncovering honest accounts of what creatives endure, how they persevere, and highlighting their accomplishments.


These last three months of working in my team at velvet + vinyl has given me more than an opportunity to blog, or a chance to increase my social media coverage, or to merely dabble in fashion and music.


FullSizeRender-2 2FullSizeRender

velvet + vinyl has restored my hope in authentic creativity, my own confidence in myself, the belief that women don’t have to compete with each other to accomplish great things, and collaborating with other creatives can yield nothing but amazing stories, and even better friendships.

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So thank you, last three months. Thank you libby, melissa, our followers and readers, our story tellers and interviewees, our lady inspirations and lastly, velvet + vinyl for giving me a place to do what I love, with people I love even more.


Amazing things are coming, and this is only just the beginning. XO.


Get Na-kd


I always love finding pieces for my wardrobe that I can’t stop wearing. I also adore finding shops and websites that offer an endless supply of those pieces. While my wallet is crying, my sartorial soul is throwing a party. Recently, Na-kd strolled into my life, and I believe I’ve struck minimalist gold.


Na-kd’s selection is a chic array of street style picks. I fell in love with this nude bomber jacket and it’s practically the only thing I wear anymore. It’s perfect with shorts, ripped jeans, dresses + rompers. The nude is also a fabulous tone for matching with other neutral colors.

Although summer is officially here, it doesn’t mean you have to lose your beloved neutrals. Add a metallic gray bomber, some nude strappy sandals or a set of jet black nails. I highly recommend getting Na-kd this month. You won’t regret it babe!

summer neutrals

meet the team part iv: the intern


So excited to announce that, as of today, our V+V team is officially a little bigger and a whole lot brighter! Meet our newest intern, Baylee Scott.

Baylee is creative, admirably rebellious and in pursuit of big dreams. We are so excited to welcome her to our team.

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LB: Tell me a brief synopsis of your journey in life thus far.

BS: I was born and raised in Ohio. My family is small but close knit despite the 2,500 miles separating both sides. I just graduated high school and I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life at Ohio State where I plan to double major in marketing and fashion & retail.

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LB: Favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe is:

BS: My prom dress. I went out of my comfort zone with a dress that you wouldn’t typically see at a high school dance. It paid off because Jojo Fletcher wore it on The Bachelor and Paris Hilton wore it to Coachella. Not the most practical piece, but I’m still in love with it.

LB: The soundtrack to my life is:

BS: Ready by Kodaline 

LB: Why fashion?

BS: Fashion is the most widely used form of self expression- you can’t avoid it. I love how the clothes that you wear can describe who you are and make a first impression on anyone that you come across, whether you speak to them or not. Clothing also has the ability to give you the self confidence that you need to conquer each day, no matter what the occasion is.

LB: Tell me about your dreams.

BS: Travel, live in a big city, and work as a merchandiser for a major fashion label. At some point I would like to own a clothing store and coffee shop.

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LB: What challenge defines your story? In what ways have you learned from it?

BS: I’ve struggled with my faith and keeping a consistent relationship with God. I believe your relationship with God influences every other aspect in your life, so it always weighed on my heart. Recently, I have grown closer to people who love Jesus and it has shown me true joy and genuine love.

LB: If your sense of style could share a single message with the world, what would it be?

BS: Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring.

LB: “These are a few of my favorite things…”

BS: New York City, live music, reading on the beach, vintage shopping + local coffee shops.