Song-spired: Outfit Inspiration


With memorial day this monday, we have an opportunity to fit in one more chic outfit this weekend. We’re so grateful for those who have lost their lives while serving the country, and I hope your weekend is well spent with gratitude and love. I’ve chosen three songs that have inspired my outfits for the three days ahead.


Slide- tripp6
If music used white space the way art does, this song would be the epitome of that. its quick, tip-toeing beats and repetitive lyrics remind me of minimalism in all its glory. An all-white ensemble with snippets of color here and there are a cool style counterpart to this song.


Coconut Water- milk and bone
The vocals in milk and bone’s songs are feminine, clean, and modern. Their jams are perfect for a girl’s adventure to the beach or through the city. The combination of some chunky platform heels, a shift dress, and a choker are a sweet embodiment of this song.

milk and bone.png

The Woman that Loves You- japanese breakfast
This song is a spacey, sun-bleached anthem for road trips. Summer is practically here and this jam will be on repeat no doubt. The enchanting vocals and echoey guitar make for one rad combination. Ripped jeans, crop tops, and daring lipsticks are synonymous with the song.

japanese breakfast.png

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