Cali is Calling

Melissa, Uncategorized

My recent whirlwind trip to California sadly started on Friday and came to an end on Sunday. It just began to touch at the surface of quenching my travel bug, but despite the short period of time I was inspired nevertheless. I adore that California has a visual aesthetic. To me, Cali exudes bleached, washed-out pastels with splashes of color here and there. With a camera in hand I captured some of the art, music, and style inspiration that California is famous for.

There’s no problem finding an Insta-worthy wall in California. Bubble gum pink shades, music tribute poster-plastered walls, and walls teeming with succulents and flowers all make for breathtaking photos. Here are some rad pastel pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe curated from these photos: shirt, shoes, sunglasses.

The sea itself is also an enchanting place for inspiration. The dreamy blues of the waves mixed with the bright pastels of the sunsets are easy to incorporate into your closet. Swimsuits, flowy blouses, and rompers are all fun ways to rock these hues.

I also can’t pass up the sartorial inspiration I pull from the plants, succulents, and flora scattered across the state. Plant prints, florals, and tropical styles are all so fun to rock, especially during the summer. Not only are the prints trendy, but the plants themselves are too. A succulent garden is arguably the trendiest thing for social media pics right now.

How do places inspire the way you dress?

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