The Keys to Wearing Black

Melissa, Uncategorized

If you’re a diehard lover of black clothes and accessories, you understand the pain when a.) someone tries to tell you it’s a phase and b.) when you’re not sure how to change things up anymore. Me, Libby, and Kristin are all black fanatics, so here’s a quick no-fail guide to solving the latter. As for telling people it’s not a phase, you’ll prove ’em wrong as time goes on.

H&M sweater, Forever 21 jeans, bracelets, and necklace + Nordstrom Rack shoes. photos by Emma Gaty.

1. Vary the shape and fit

Try wearing a loose-fitting top with some skinny jeans. Or a tighter top with a pair of loose harem pants. When you wear monochromatic pieces, it can look like a walking heap of black. But changing up the shape and fit can fix that. (Unless you want to rock the black hole look, which I’m an advocate for.)


2. Mix up textures

Denim and cotton, lace and metallic, silk and leather, there’s so many options! Switching up the textures is like switching up the colors, except you still get to wear all black. my go-to is wool and denim or lace and denim.


3. Accessorize with neutrals

Accessorizing with taupe, gray, white, and other neutrals can add more dimension to your ensemble. I’ll usually swap out my shoes or bag for one in a different tone. (Hint: this is also a rad way to mix in different textures too!)



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