The Art of Red Lipstick


The list of things that inspire me is endless. I always seem to come across something else— whether it be a piece of art, a person, or something in nature—that I can draw from. How I dress and the makeup looks I wear are no different. I’ve recently become enchanted with prints of women wearing red lipstick. They’re empowering, feminine, and so chic. I couldn’t help but put my own twist on some of the looks.

Roy Lichtenstein is one of my favorite artists. his pop art comics are some of the more well known pieces he’s done, and the women he created are zestful queens. I was able to recreate my own lichtenstein look for halloween and if I could wear this on a day-to-day basis I would. I used dots on my face and comic-like makeup to recreate a human version of one of his girls.


roy lichtenstein dot art

Another artist that completely engrosses me in his work is Malcom Liepke. The women in his paintings often have cherry tinted lips and there is gobs of glamour poured across each of his canvases. There’s something about red lipstick that can make you feel like a bombshell. I used a red lip and some edgy, black frames to portray some of his style.


malcom liepkie’s painting

Lips are also a common theme among Sara Pope’s artwork. her bright, mesmerizing pieces are often made with light fixtures and neon colors. Her art beautifully accentuates an often overlooked part of the body. I did a red lip with little accentuation on my outfit or eye makeup so my lips stood out like in her pieces.


sara pope’s lip art

René Gruau is another talented artist whose simple lines and colors inspire my red-lipped looks. His work breathes an air of classiness and captures my attention and imagination due to his perfect use of negative space in many of his paintings. I embodied his work with a red lip and a high-cut lace top to exude a bit of class like in his art.

rene gruau

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