monday muse


Taking a break from music Monday to bring to you something I like to call Monday muse. This week I’m featuring one of my favorite forces of the fashion industry: Amy Levin, the founder and creative director of College Fashionista.

Melissa and I both blogged as style gurus for CF + the experience was invaluable. It’s a huge reason why I started V+V. I spoke with Amy in the winter regarding career advice and her journey as a girlboss, but today I wanted to focus on two unique dynamics that contribute to her story and the impressions she has made in the hybrid between fashion and journalism.

1.) College Fashionista has revolutionized the exposure that college students have to gaining experience in the fashion industry. As the founder and creative director, what does a typical work day looks like for you?

It’s hard to put into pictures what a day looks like for me. My personal Snapchat account is a perfect BTS of what my chaotic schedule is like running CF. Most days start with an AM breakfast meeting followed by internal meetings, client meetings, brainstorm sessions, edit shoots and the list goes on. I have 1:1 meetings each week with my team which is always a priority. The biggest thing is to ensure everyone is on track and has the support they need to do their job well. 

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2.) Since its launch in 2009, College Fashionista has reached 500 college campuses in addition to hiring 1,500+ style gurus (ah!). As such, CF has created a community among its contributors and has created immense opportunities for those who contribute to it. What has contributed to CF’s incredible success?

Hard work, dedication and a bit of luck. There are so many great business ideas and smart entrepreneurs. Everything is about timing and how you execute your ideas.  

Dream on girlbosses, dream on. Anything can happen.

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