Gems Fit for a Queen

Melissa, Uncategorized

Summer is nearly here and when your clothing options dwindle down fabric-wise, it’s time to play it up with accessories. You’re a queen, and you deserve to feel confident. That’s why we’ve gathered up some rad jewelry that will add a little sparkle in your step. We will let you know how to style it, because you know how to rock it.

rings are a simple way to add a little oomph to your ensemble. they’re a delicate way to show off your fingers and complement what you’re wearing. with the recent trend of stackable and midi rings, you can customize your jewelry to reflect your personality. I personally love gold, minimal accessories, and I recommend styling rings with a flowy top.

necklaces are also a stunning way to spice up your outfit. layering a few in different lengths makes for a pretty, put together look. start with either a choker or one that rests close to your neck, then work your way down. Three is the ultimate number! Try wearing necklaces with a flouncy, high neckline dress.

Watches are one of my favorite accessories. They are such a classic piece, and a must-have for your wardrobe. Their practicality and ability to tie an outfit together will always make them a favorite item for me. An outfit with stark color-blocking is a cool way to show one (or two) off.

Bracelets and bangles help accentuate your lovely arms and wrists. They’re glamorous pieces that you can quickly throw on to add an air of class to your look. this is one way that I sometimes implement color into my outfit, because I usually prefer sticking to neutrals. Try these out with a simple romper or silky jumpsuit.

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