L.A. lady magazine


I recently had the pleasure of getting to know Michele Carroll of L.A. lady magazine. this online publication is tailored to women in the los angeles area and demonstrates an admirably organic mission statement. my favorite component of it is as follows:

“with an ambitious heart comes an insecure mind” 

as someone who has big dreams, this instantly resonated with me. there are so many intimidating aspects of pursuing big ideas and it takes an intentional effort to silence the voices that diminish the quality of those dreams.

in response, I proposed a mini-project for michele: “what are three things that silence your insecurities and replace your shortcomings with confidence?”

1. SURFING/THE OCEAN. “I think most people are drawn to the ocean because they find it peaceful. I feel quite the opposite, actually. One of the reasons I try to surf (I use the term “surf” loosely) on a regular basis is because I find allowing something as massive and powerful as the ocean to handle me as it pleases really humbling, and it puts things into perspective for me. Throwing myself into a force that mighty – which has wiped out entire communities, is home to millions of beings that want to eat me, and is a habitat I literally have no business being in… makes me feel brave, and that usually stays with me when I’m back on land.”Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with a4 preset2. MY HOME. “My first couple of years in L.A. were pretty rough, as is the case with most big city newbies. I jumped around from place to place, living in spaces where homeless people slept on the firescapes, or gunshots could be heard at night, or unstable roommates, you name it. So knowing that I’ve gotten myself to a point where I have a place that I love and can call home in the city is something I’m proud of and fills me with confidence because I know firsthand that it’s not an easy thing to do.” Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

(office, photography credit: Megan Kuethen)

3. “MY PEOPLE”“I use the term ‘Your People’ to describe those you find that are genuinely on the same brain/emotion/value wave length as you are. For one reason or another, they just GET. IT. and are, therefore, able to help fight off those those pesky insecurity trolls when they pop up. They aren’t just friends and they aren’t just supportive – they’re sitting in the trenches with you, and that’s everything if you’re in a city or industry where so many are only out for themselves. Emergency wine coffee dates with ‘My People’ have saved me from my over-thinking self too many times to count. Maybe this is my version of a ‘squad’??”Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

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