faux goth: combing spooky and chic


I love creepy-chic style. hence… my combination of structured black pieces and an angsty mug in most photos. I enjoy unique pieces in dark hues, and utilize vibrant hair colors to really pull the edgy look off.

second of all… it is melanoma awareness month folks which means wearing black and lots of it! we’d love to see you all dedicating your dark clothes to a very worthy cause. make sure to include #melanomaawarenessmonth in your pictures to spread the love!

here is how I encompass a sort of “faux goth” look in my daily wardrobe.




long sleeve: shades of grey clothing // necklace: buffalo exchange

In my goth-chic wardrobe, I have black and leather everywhere. I wear my zara boots with mostly everything, and the nike roches give an edgy/leisure look that I adore. not to mention a nice emo-chic staple: chuck taylors





I love details. little things like tucking a geometric necklace into a collar makes a look really edgy and dark while still maintaining elegance and style.IMG_8774-2.JPG

shirt: where are you from? nordstrom brand // necklace: buffalo exchange



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