creating from nothing. 5 ways to stimulate creativity.


during our weekly meeting last tuesday, the ladies of v&v discussed new content ideas for the blog and, conversely, the challenges of constantly generating new and interesting things to write about. in my own experience with creatives, hitting a wall or being stuck in a creative funk does not favor, nor evade anyone in particular. it happens to the best of us. so after some thinking this week, i decided to find new ways to fight off the occasional creative drought, and replenish you with inspiration and drive. here’s five ideas that worked. IMG_8469.JPG

  1. genuinely wander. turn your phone off, and seek out interesting textures, angles, and shapes in architecture that surrounds you. incorporate those textures, angles and shapes into a drawing, or a painting, or recreate them in a photograph in a different way. did i mention turn you phone off? yeah. do that FullSizeRender-1.jpg
  2. get drunk and art. for those that enjoy a nice beverage from time to time, i would suggest giving this a try. step 1) prep drunken shenanigan area with pastels, magazines, canvases, sketch pads, finger paints, glue, glitter, etc. step 2) invite 2-5 friends over. step 3) between all of you, finish a couple bottles of wine, or some cocktails. step 4) instead of turning to netflix or gossip sessions, set everyone lose on drunk creating. wake up in the morning and reflect. you’ll feel good.IMG_2040.JPG3. talk to people. seriously. go to a coffee shop, art museum, concert anything. ask someone what inspired their style. despite what you may think, people love to talk about what they love. if you love their outfit, introduce yourself and ask them what inspired their outfit. if someone is out painting or drawing, ask them about why they choose that particular medium. constantly learn, and groom yourself to be brave. inspiration will flow.IMG_2892-1.JPG4. go somewhere fairly untouched, and bring nothing but an open mind, and your journal, sketch pad, painting supplies etc. if you don’t give your brain the option to rely on social media to keep itself preoccupied, you will find yourself so much more in-tune to your surroundings, and so much more ready to create. get on google. find somewhere kickass. go there.IMG_4946.jpeg5. experiment. are you a painter? try sewing. are you a drawer? try spray painting. discover new ways to express yourself through creative means. you will be blown away by how your personal taste might tie in to a new way of creating. even if its not perfect, its yours. that should be empowering, and allow you to feel further inspired.


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