Places that Inspire my Style

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Bloggers, designers, advertisements, and fashion icons are all huge contributors to what people wear. Oftentimes I also happen to find style inspiration in everything from architecture to art to food. But this post in specifically is a love note to the places that have captured my heart, and sparked some sartorial ideas in my head.


New York City is a dream. The amount of doers, thinkers, and movers across the city is beautiful to me. It’s practically a living, breathing mood board, and it captured my heart from the day I set foot there. It has inspired the street style I usually throw on when I’m doing a late-night pizza run or quick jaunt to the store.


Seattle is the mini metropolis that feels like home no matter how big it is. It’s a friendly city that’s bustling with art, food, and music. Being from the west coast, Seattle (and Portland too) have given me a laidback, city-dweller feel to my outfits. I’ll throw on a beanie while wearing heels or use a flannel as a jacket.


The part I’ve been fortunate enough to visit weren’t typical cities like Vancouver and Toronto, but smaller places like Strathmore, Cranbrook, Banff, and Edmonton. Much of it was blanketed white with snow and dotted with black trees. It was essentially a minimalist’s dream come true. Canada taught me how to dress warmly and stylishly while fueling my all-black-everything addiction.


Kauai always knows how to bring out my love affair with boho styles. I love everything from boyfriend jeans with crocheted tops to long, flouncy dresses. It’s hard not to to dress like a boho queen when you’re surrounded by paradise. Everything from the ocean to the deep canyons makes me want to roam and travel for the rest of my life.


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I dream of visiting Iceland and Scandinavian countries like Norway and Denmark. I love minimalism and essentialism in architecture, art, lifestyle, and fashion. This type of lifestyle is wholly encompassed in many parts of these countries, and the landscape itself is whimsical.


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