a state of bloom magazine


Recently, I contributed to A State of Bloom magazine– a blog that has pursued a new endeavor in the world of print. The blog is maintained by a dear friend of mine, Stevie Smith, whom I befriended at a slumber party during a middle school birthday celebration.

I drew inspiration for my piece from my relationship with Stevie, as we have bonded through social media over our love of writing and creating despite the thousands of miles that remain between us.

I see many similarities between these two blogs: community, women empowerment, encouragement and an authentic space for women. Our vision for Velvet + Vinyl is to create connections with our readers / followers through our love of fashion and music. We want to work with you. Check out our contact page above and send us a message – we would love to meet you and learn more about your passions, dreams, favorite things and your primary source of inspiration.

The nature of the conversations that we hope to share with you is the reason why my friendship with Stevie has persisted all these years.

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picture by: stevie smith

When I asked Stevie what inspired her to start a blog, she shared with me that “florescence” is the heartbeat of A State of Bloom.

“Living in a state of bloom doesn’t mean everything must be beautiful all the time, it means that I choose to live artfully through every moment, even the challenges. I find it beautiful that even when life is sterile— challenging, heart-breaking and maybe even falling apart—we still can find ourselves in a state of bloom, of growing, of learning and of discovering who we are. Applying florescence to my life means recognizing how I am blooming, or growing, in every moment.”

The same theme exists among the magazine.

“All the pieces featured in [the magazine] represent the different facets of our lives that make up who we are and how we live. A few of the pieces are more contemplative and a few of them are just fun! But both of these sides represent our lives and the artfulness of living in a state of bloom.”

For those of you who thrive on the “women build women” kind of community that we promote here at V+V, this magazine is a must read. To order your copy of a state of bloom ($5), contact Stevie here.

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