Hair Chair Chronicles – Color Confessions


to add on to my lovely counterparts point, I want to elaborate on the importance of feeling comfortable with yourself and beautiful. the most attractive thing a woman can wear these days is her confidence, but in a media-clad world with unrealistic expectations on physical appearance and presentation, feeling good doesn’t always come so easy. confidence can sprout from many places, and for me, its…. my hair. let me explain.


hair by kerry sisk at picasso artistic salon and laser spa // jacket: forever 21   

about 5 years ago, I began my journey into crazy colourdum and started experimenting with funky hair color. it started with bleached out white, and has gone as far as purple, blue, grey, red and navy. for me, I feel my best fresh out of the chair because in that moment I am completely in control of how my appearance is, and I never feel stagnant.

I’ve reached a point where I simply don’t care what people think of me anymore. and in that acceptance has come liberation. many people have fears regarding color change, but in my opinion, its a healthy, positive and fun way to mix it up. and, for those that feel they need a little pizazz to really give themselves some “umph” (thats me!) here are a few tips and ideas to consider before, and after the hair chair.


hair by @atl_georgia at tiger tiger salon in portland // dress and necklace: forever 21 

  1. Stop saying “you couldn’t pull it off.” women too often put themselves into a box. they think they “have to wear this,” “do their makeup like that” or “have their hair like this” in order to fit into some imaginary category they’ve placed themeselves into. in my opinion, once you change your hair, you’re pulling it off. you’ll get used to the way it looks, and it will become the new normal. just leap! you’ll feel brave and unstoppable once you do.


    hair by kerry sick at picasso artist salon and laser spa // shirt: h&m, necklace: sloan boutique

  2. avoid box dyes. I can not stress that enough. if you are feeling the need for a little spruce up, just splurge on a nice hair job. they will take care of your hair and ensure it turns out the way you want. removing horrid box dye color will end up costing twice as much as it would have been to do it in the first place, so just treat ya self and take a haircation at the salon!


    hair by kerry sisk at picasso artist salon and laser spa // shirt from h&m

  3. be careful with blonde! I made the mistake of asking my loyal hair dresser of ten years to make me blonde after having (box dyed… yikes) my hair black. he caved to my persistence on becoming blonde THAT day and he bleached it out three times in a row. although i did like the way it came out, my hair feels tired and dry and ultimately, it wasn’t worth the rush (and completely all my fault!). just be patient. it’ll look way better in the end if you are.


    hair by kerry sick at picasso artistic salon and laser spa // shirt: h&m

  4. Don’t be afraid of bright funky colors. sometimes, a little boldness is just what you need. for me, my first funky color helped me reclaim my appearance after a nasty spout of uncomfort in my body. it was kind of a “hey, I can do anything!” moment and it restored a good amount of confidence I had lost. even if its just a piece of your hair, be bold!


    hair by celia brennan at 7 hair studio in long beach // shirt: exit skate shop

  5. don’t listen to anyone that says, “oh you looked so much better natural!” there is nothing wrong with playing with your hair, and nobody needs that kind of negatively in their life! girl, if you need a buzzcut and a bright red tint, you buzz the crap out of your hair and dye it fire-engine red! at the end of the day, you are the one who needs to feel good about yourself.


    hair by @atl_georgia at tiger tiger salon in portland

  6. don’t be afraid to make friends with your stylist. you will find that after you leave a 2 hour appointment full of venting, laughing, good conversation AND a new do, you’ll be ready to take on the world and even more excited for your next time in the chair.


    hair by @atl_georgia at tiger tiger salon in portland // shirt: urban outfitters

  7. and lastly, don’t be afraid (as melissa stated) to Instagram your new hair. although the number of likes shouldn’t dictate how beautiful you are, don’t ever feel ashamed of posting a sweet picture of yourself to just really show you off. once again, it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks. your confidence is the priority!


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