6 Ways to Stay Confident

Melissa, Uncategorized

I want to continue my babe’s streak on the importance of confidence! Confidence is hard to get and even harder to keep. But here at velvet + vinyl we want to empower ourselves and every other woman. So here are a few things to remember and do when you feel your self-esteem needs some loving. 

1. Give back
Sometimes the best thing you can do to feel good is give back to someone or some cause. Whether you make time to volunteer at a place you care for or plan to send your friends some empowering texts for the week, you’ll feel wonderful after!

2. Find something you feel good in
While looks aren’t everything, sometimes the perfect outfit can give you that boost you need. I enjoy stealing one in a million pieces from my mom’s closet or going on a shopping trip with my loves.

3. Take time for yourself
We live in a world that’s so fast-paced, where it’s “cool” to be overwhelmingly busy. We often forget to take time to relax and work on self-care. Take a day to read your favorite books and drink some tea, or take a half-hour to use a bath bomb and soak in the tub!

4. Bombshell hair
It’s spring (and let’s be honest summer is on its way too!) So it’s important to take care of you and rock those locks. I live for organix hair products and the way they help my hair stay healthy. Not many things help you feel better then when your hair is on point.

5. Selfies and photos
We live in a generation that loves social media and loves taking photos. I think snapping some photos that you love of yourself can be such a good way to fill up with confidence. Doing weekly photo shoots with my babes has helped me feel awesome!

6. Remember that you’re fabulous
Find a motivational, loving mantra you can repeat about yourself each day. Also remember to focus on loving and accepting yourself. It can be frustrating when you’re surrounded with negative ideas and images, but remember all the amazing things that beautiful mind and body of yours can do!

You’ve got this, babe! Tag your lovely photos with #VVbeautifulgirls on instagram!

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