V+V spotlight: LENACHKA.


we are so pleased to announce our first lady musician in the V+V spotlight, Lenachka. we will be doing a series of interviews with leading ladies in their respective industries discussing their talent, style, ambitions, plans, hurdles, favorites, least favorites, etc.

we want to ignite the conversation about the caliber of sheer talent among lady musicians in the music industry and give them the attention they deserve. while we love hearing and raving about style, we want to focus on the accomplishments of these women first, and further inspire others from there.

an absolute honor it is to chat with indie/alternative-pop queen Lenachka. based out of los angeles, Lenachka has 105,274 monthly listeners on spotify and released a stellar self titled album. she has filled out our V+V questionnaire and opened us up to her life as a female in the music industry, what style means to her and what is next for her unique sound. we are excited to share this with you!


V+V: Give us your full name, and your profession

L: Lenachka, singer/songwriter, full time receptionist at a hair salon in west los angeles, and a part time uber & lyft driver.


photo by Robert Morley (http://morleyrobert.com) // tank: urban outfitters

V+V: what story have you been telling? give us a synopsis of who you are, what you believe in, what you love, your background, anything. how did you get into music? whatever you feel is important.

L: music has been in my life for as long as I could remember, my dad is a musician and my mom grew up in the choir. both humble and have hearts of gold. I thank them for bringing music in my life and for encouraging me and steering me down the right path, still till this day. the people closest to my heart have to be the most important thing to me. I cherish them and would do anything for them.


photo by Robert Morley (http://morleyrobert.com) // sweater: american apparel

V+V: tell us a little about your self titled album. any funny moments you had while working on it? what was the hardest song to write? did you ever have any doubt while writing it? what do you think this album says about you?

L: the album to me is more of a time capsule, listening back to it it will forever hold memories to me that are to long and random to share. I am so happy to have released it and gain the fans that I did from it. this was my first release and putting out something that you have poured your soul into for three years will definitely bring doubt to the surface. but I think thats what makes a good artist. you need to be your own critic.


V+V: what does your creative process look like? how do you start working on a new creative endeavor, song, album, piece of art etc.?

L: I don’t really say I have a process per say, I need to be inspired by a thought, an emotion, a story, etc. if thats there I can sit get lost in it for hours. sometimes I come out of it with a great song, sometimes three great songs, and sometimes I may even come out of it with nothing cool enough to share with anyone. but it makes me so happy to be in that place of creating.

V+V: how has your career in music helped shape you image and how you present yourself to others?

that is still something I am working on an trying to figure out. I am sure to a certain degree I will always be working on it and evolving. I started with an image in which I was wearing a lot of dark colors, dark lip colors, minimal eye makeup, light hair, etc. now I find myself being drawn more towards pieces that are comfortable, soft, cozy, timeless. is that my image? maybe? I am not sure I’ll truly ever commit to one trend.


photo by Robert Morley (http://morleyrobert.com) // sweater: american apparel

V+V: what food do you eat most when you’re working? why?

L: I try to eat as clean as I can. I love a good salmon salad, soups, and cobb salads ( though I am pretty sure they are terrible for you ). oh and I need my OJ, always. Some vocalist say its bad for your vocal chords, but I have never noticed anything so until the day I see that its affecting my vocal abilities, I will continue with my sick habit.

V+V: any plans to tour? any shows coming up?

L: no plans for tour right now, I have been writing a ton and getting things together to hopefully start for a second release. to go on the road would be nice though!


photo by Robert Morley (http://morleyrobert.com) // tank: urban outfitters

V+V: what do you do when you have writers block? or creative block?

L: honestly, I am stubborn and I can easily give up on something if it just isn’t clicking. I noticed sometimes I benefit from walking away from something and coming back to it with a fresh pair of ears days or months later.

V+V: where do you draw inspiration from when you dress yourself? what does what you wear say about you? do you believe style plays a part in shaping your personal brand as an artist?

L: style has so much to do with your brand. we live in a visual society. I am still figuring out the style part. but I love artists styles like Lorde, Sia, some Taylor Swift outfits are pretty darn great too. I don’t hate. if someone dressed me up in her looks, I wouldn’t think twice!


photo by Robert Morley (http://morleyrobert.com) // black skinnies: topshop, tee: gap

V+V: what are some obstacles you have had to overcome, and how have you overcome them?

L: I am trying to figure out how to be in a place where I am doing music and only music. supporting myself living in a big city like LA isn’t easy. I am working out the kinks and am hoping to be doing nothing but music in the next year. nothing would make me more happy, but hey the bills got to get paid. am I right? 🙂

V+V is so inspired by Lenachka’s drive, style and talent. she isn’t letting anything stop her as she moves up in the industry, and we are ecstatic to see where she goes from here.

follow her on social media to stay up to date with whats next for her, and follow her on spotify for summer vibes and dreamy tunes. you can ALSO buy her album on iTunes for only $4.99 HERE

Lenachka instagram

Lenachka twitter

Lenachka spotify


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