Spin it: LIGHTS-Midnight Machines


in the spirit of the ‘vinyl’ half of this space, I will be dedicating a good portion of my blogging time to my first love, music. I’m going to try and get album reviews out every sunday and give you guys the lowdown on what’s new and grand to listen to.

since our primary focus is on the boss ladies of the creative industries, it is my great pleasure to review the one and only intergalactic phenomena and absolute talent, LIGHTS’s for her ‘midnight machines’ album.

midnight machines

an acoustic rendition of her ‘little machines’ album that came out september of 2014, this record plays beautifully with light (no pun intended), unique and airy vocals as well as innate and skillful acoustic cords. the original ‘little machines’, when spun into an acoustic masterpiece, truly turns into an entirely new album and I absolutely love it.

littlemachines3 LIGHTS is not only a musical talent, but a brilliant songwriter. her lyrics are not only enchanting, but catchy. she has crafted her original songs into more emotional pieces, bringing you right into the room with her. listening is an absolute delight.

don’t believe me? watch her official music video of her acoustic version of ‘meteorites’ below for an idea of just how mesmerizing the album is, and how creatively endowed the whole project is as well.

what I love about LIGHTS is she has truly evolved her music as she too has evolved and grown, while maintaining her trademark sound and aura. this album is a beautiful representation of that eloquence, maturity and grace she has sustained through her career. I give this album a 10/10 especially for the sunny spring time. listen at night for a slow jam vibe, or outside during the day for a tranquil and pleasant feel. I would also suggest checking out the mother album, ‘little machines’ just to see how truly independent both versions are from each other despite being the same album.


you can grab the album on itunes for only $7.99! spin it.

also, keep up with her on instagram and twitter for tour dates, album releases and more!

lights instagram

lights twitter


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