8 Books and Mags you Need


I love fashion, but I also love reading. There’s just something about learning new things or reading an amazing piece of work that makes me want to do a happy dance. So I want to introduce seven books and one magazine that leave me discoing across my room after reading.


  1. Minimalism and Color: Architecture & Interiors & Furniture by: Patricia Bueno

I love minimalism, I love color, and I love architecture. This book has all of that and not to the mention the photographs are literal eye candy. (I also was able to get this for 50 cents at Powell’s. How? Sorcery.)

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  1. Fashion Scandinavia by: Dorthea Gundtoft

One of the biggest things that inspires me is Scandinavian culture and fashion. Their understanding of essentialism and minimalism blows me away and this book captured many designers’ amazing thought processes and creations.

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  1. Kinfolk magazine

If you want to feel warm and fuzzy inside as well as take a thorough look at essentialism and the importance of different aspects in life READ KINFOLK. Kinfolk’s articles are humbling and beautifully crafted; I’m lucky to be a reader of the work featured.

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  1. Worn Stories by: Emily Spivack

We all have things in our closet with stories, whether those stories are sad, happy, or something in between. Emily beautifully captures these stories from people like you and I, and put them in a beautiful, touching anthology.

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  1. Visionaries by Susannah Frankel

Being a journalist (one who is particularly interested in fashion journalism), it is always fascinating reading these interviews with different designers. It gives me inspiration for interview questions, as well as inspiration for life.

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  1. The Gay Talese reader by Gay Talese

Whether you love journalism or not, Gay Talese produced journalism like no one else. You will have a hard time believing its journalism and not fictional stories. (I also know a mind-blowing fact about one of his profiles, let me know if you read it!)

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  1. Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I read this because Amy is my spirit animal and if I ever need to feel better she’s like the best friend who has the best advice. She is hilarious and her life insights and stories are a whirlwind of a ride.

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  1. Call If You Need Me by Raymond Carver

I love short stories and Raymond Carver is my favorite short story author. His way of writing makes you feel like you’re hearing a real conversation and his simple sentence structure is more hard-hitting than you think.

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8 thoughts on “8 Books and Mags you Need

  1. I’m a fan of short stories too and love Raymond Carver. He’s such a talented writer. And Amy Poehler is an amazing woman! I’ve listened to the audiobook of Yes Please and loved it!


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