styl(i)ng (love)rsized clothing


‘frumpy.’ ‘sack clothes.’ ‘man clothes’. I’ve noticed oversized clothing doesnt always get the best wrap among women. we are often expected to buy clothes that fit our bodies like a glove, accentuate our curves and ‘slim’ us.  don’t get me wrong, tight clothes can be great. but.. I absolutely adore oversized clothes. being a lover of art myself, theres something lovely about the aesthetic of oversized clothes on a human body.  I believe if styled properly, oversized and mens clothing can become a very strong asset for your closet.  here is how I do it.

a little disclaimer here: I am a huge fan of black. I know its spring and all, but I don’t really believe the seasons have the right to dictate what color we should wear. I personally don’t feel obligated to always match whatever color the trees are. wear what you like!

I utilize dimensional layers with pops of metal tones to give this large tunic a bit more dimension. try pairing a large tunic with a dimensional cardigan or coat! you go from swimming in a teeshirt to an architectural masterpice! // tunic: H&M, skinnies: ACTIVE, trench: H&M, boots: Topshop (zara and h&m are great resources for these bigger sized basics)

IMG_7824-3I’ve noticed current street style trends have really taken on this combo of contrasting tight/baggy clothing as well. in my opinion, the key to wearing oversized clothes is adding dimension to make it visually appealing.  here I am actually wearing SWEATS. not trendy sweats, or nordstrom brand joggers, but slightly fitted no name brand S-W-E-A-T sweatpants.  but by pairing it with a tucked in flowy black tee, a killer flat brimmed hat, (i think this hat can make anything outfit look great) and a neutral cover coat (theres those dimensions again!) it actually comes together pretty nicely. adding leather or corduroy texture doesnt hurt either! tennis shoes (melissa is right-sneaks are everything!): Supra, jacket: Phil&Greta, hat: brixton, photographer: @jakechams

and finally, my personal favorite, boyfriend teeshirts. my boyfriend isn’t a big guy, but his shirts don’t exactly fit like an xs abercrombie tee. he’s got great taste, so often his stuff ‘goes missing’… anyways, I take his cool graphic tees or henley tees and pair them with high-waisted shorts.  tuck a corner in or tuck the whole thing in and add some bling for a crisp, effortless look. // black shorts: forever 21, black henley: H&M men, necklace: sloan boutique // denim shorts: vintage cut offs (done myself), booze tee: buffalo exchange



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