Let’s Hear it for the Sneaks


I am a sucker for heels. But sometimes I turn to the shoes that have been a part of my closet since day one: sneakers. Obviously usable for sports and other activities, sneakers have found a prominent purpose in the fashion world with the recent athleisure trend. So here are three pairs of rad sneakers you can rock when heels and sandals just aren’t cutting it.

Vans come in just about every color of the rainbow, and are the perfect shoes for beach adventures and music fests. Try them with a pair of shorts or a flouncy romper.

Adidas Superstars are one of my favorite pairs of street style shoes. you could probably wear them with any outfit and still look bomb.

Last are a brand of shoe that are slowly but surely becoming a street style staple. New Balances are comfy, but super stylish at the same time. All-black is my go-to (no surprise), but experimenting with different patterns and textures is so fun.

Don’t forget that those roughed up shoes in the back of your closet are more sartorially useful than you think. Sneak on!

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