meet the team part I


Hi friends!

As I recently announced, Velvet + Vinyl is in the midst of launching our new and improved site and I cannot wait to show you all that’s coming your way!

The most exciting aspect of this renovation process is the people we’ve brought on to the V+V team. We’ve got some great stories coming at you later this week where you’ll get the chance to meet the wonderful women behind the scenes, but I wanted to take an opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself.


urban outfitters knit sweater, gap leggings, topshop suede boots + cole haan white crossbody bag

I’m Libby Bartley, and I started Velvet + Vinyl as a fashion blog in the summer of 2015. This project is near and dear to my heart, and its growth has been the greatest adventure. Here’s a little blurb about me:

Q: Why fashion?

A: For me, fashion, or rather style, is the most liberating sense of self expression. All of the unique interests that define me are weaved together by my sense of style: my love for rock ‘n’ roll music, my interest in art, my obsession with black and my effort to be minimalistic. Uncovering my sense of style and my passion for the fashion industry revealed a version of myself I grew to feel exceptionally perfect in.

Q: Favorite piece of clothing in my wardrobe:

A: My fur jacket or my Brandy Melville New York City graphic tee.


h&m sunglasses, madison and berkeley oversized turtleneck + topshop denim

Q: The soundtrack to my life is:

A: Boston’s self-named record, Boston.

Q: What challenge defines your story? In what ways have you learned from it?

A: During christmas break my freshman year of college, a dear friend of mine from high school was killed in a tragic car accident the day after christmas. Her death translated as the most painful obstacle I’ve ever overcome, but the grieving process taught me that this life is what you make it, and if you’re persistent, you can make it anything you’d like. 


jubeelee fur jacket, brandy melville tank, gap leggings + zara boots 

Q: If your sense of style could share a message with the world, what would it be?

A: Magic doesn’t just come in the form of a little black dress. It comes in a pair of black boots, a little black clutch and a black jacket that goes with everything.

Q: 3-5 of my favorite things:

A: Lowercase typography, ceramic coffee mugs, polaroid images and reading print (i.e. paperback books, magazines and handwritten letters).

Later this week I’ll be introducing you to my co-creators + I can’t wait for you to meet them!

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