olivia palermo + chelsea28 collab for nordstrom


Today’s talk: gushing over Olivia Palermo‘s new endeavor as a designer in collaboration with Chelsea28 and Nordstrom.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 4.31.13 PM

cc: Palermo shared this on her Instagram account on Feb. 8th when the collection went live

Olivia Palermo recently launched a collection with Chelsea28 at Nordstrom and it is all the buzz. These pieces are defined by their style and practicality – they are fashionable and trendy, yet they are extremely functional pieces. The pieces convey Palermo’s “signature chic and modern feminism aesthetic” (Olivia Palermo website) and allow women to style the pieces how they please. In interviews, Palermo shares she intended to design pieces that could be worn year round and wanted to establish a reasonable price point. As such, the collection ranges from silk camisoles priced at $78 to beautiful trench coats priced at $448 (from NY Mag).

Mark Tritton, president of Nordstrom’s Product Group, had some inspiring insight as it pertains to the line.

“The ‘Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28’ collection reflects how a stylish young woman is dressing today … Olivia Palermo is revered around the globe for her style. We know our customers look to her for fashion inspiration, and we saw her consistently on our inspiration boards as well. We think she embodies the Chelsea28 brand perfectly, so it was a very natural choice.”

ELLE magazine published a neat interview with palermo about her line. Definitely worth the read – feel free to check it out here: http://www.elle.com/fashion/news/a33929/olivia-palermo/

Sources: http://oliviapalermo.com/collection-launch-olivia-palermo-x-chelsea-28-for-nordstrom/

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