olivia palermo + chelsea28 collab for nordstrom


Today’s talk: gushing over Olivia Palermo‘s new endeavor as a designer in collaboration with Chelsea28 and Nordstrom.

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cc: Palermo shared this on her Instagram account on Feb. 8th when the collection went live

Olivia Palermo recently launched a collection with Chelsea28 at Nordstrom and it is all the buzz. These pieces are defined by their style and practicality – they are fashionable and trendy, yet they are extremely functional pieces. The pieces convey Palermo’s “signature chic and modern feminism aesthetic” (Olivia Palermo website) and allow women to style the pieces how they please. In interviews, Palermo shares she intended to design pieces that could be worn year round and wanted to establish a reasonable price point. As such, the collection ranges from silk camisoles priced at $78 to beautiful trench coats priced at $448 (from NY Mag).

Mark Tritton, president of Nordstrom’s Product Group, had some inspiring insight as it pertains to the line.

“The ‘Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28’ collection reflects how a stylish young woman is dressing today … Olivia Palermo is revered around the globe for her style. We know our customers look to her for fashion inspiration, and we saw her consistently on our inspiration boards as well. We think she embodies the Chelsea28 brand perfectly, so it was a very natural choice.”

ELLE magazine published a neat interview with palermo about her line. Definitely worth the read – feel free to check it out here: http://www.elle.com/fashion/news/a33929/olivia-palermo/

Sources: http://oliviapalermo.com/collection-launch-olivia-palermo-x-chelsea-28-for-nordstrom/

sseko spring line ’16


One of my favorite fashion brands, Sseko Designs, launched their spring ’16 line yesterday and every detail about it is absolutely stunning – from the ethically sourced leather to the mix of colors and the unique pieces, this collection is a must see for spring.

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cc: Sseko Designs

I had the opportunity to work with Sseko throughout my junior year of college and the exposure to this strong community of women influenced me in withstanding ways. Their mission is embodied by the idea of bravery, a component of the brand that contributes to its identity. They empower their team of women in Uganda by giving them employment opportunities so that they may attend university and obtain a collegiate degree. This sense of bravery serves as the heartbeat that pulses through the entirety of the brand.


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cc: Sseko Designs

The concept of being brave, taking risks and thinking outside the box exceeds beyond the merchandise and is embodied throughout all aspects of the Sseko brand. Everything about Sseko is intentional and consequently turns out to be so beautiful. From the ideas that become the product to the brainstorming behind the photo shoots and the ways they execute their mission of being brave, this company is remarkably extraordinary in all that they do.

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cc: Sseko Designs

In addition to daydreaming over all of their new spring merchandise, I wanted to make a point to touch on the creative approach that displays the new product. The imagery and photography used communicates that idea of bravery and empowerment in a significant way. The cliffs and the scenery work cohesively to frame the model, Emily, in a way that portrays her as a strong and independent woman who can conquer anything she sets her mind too. Sseko’s brave manifesto is another defining aspect of the brand, and so many aspects of it are integrated in to the visual component of the new line. Examples of this include “Say yes to adventure”, “Every great journey begins with a small step” and “Do things that scare you”.

Check out the amazing work of this company + the new spring line here.

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cc: Sseko Designs

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frances may boutique


Frances May, a popular Portland boutique, exudes all things lovely. Defined by their elegant and timeless energy, this sweet place is one you absolutely cannot miss.


cc: Frances May, Website

While I was initially intrigued by the vintage feel and traditional taste of their merchandise, I quickly found many things to admire about this brand that exceeded far beyond the apparel sold in their stores. I had the pleasure of getting to know brand director, Rachel Turk, and was blown away by the intricate pieces that contribute to the success of this growing company.

Frances May was once the dream of fashion enthusiast Pamela Baker-Miller, and came to life in 2008 when she moved to Portland, Oregon. Her crystallized vision for what this brand would be challenged what other local boutiques had to offer customers. After dreaming up the details with her grandmother, Connie Codding, the two brought their vision to life and have hit the ground running ever since.

The grandmother-granddaughter relationship is a staple of the Frances May story and further establishes the sophisticated, vintage feel of the brand.

“You see the evidence in the merchandise. Connie helps Pam with the buying and the two invest in a mix of clothing that appeal[s] to different audiences.”

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cc: Frances May, Instagram

In combining merchandise from established designers, such as Rachel Comey and A.P.C., and meshing that with the work of local designers, including AK Studio, Better Late Than Never jewelry and Church and State, Frances May thrives on a business strategy that captivates its customers in a way its competitors don’t.

After the brand launched, “We immediately made our mark,” shares Rachel. “This is the unique mix that sets Frances May apart.”

The brand experienced rapid success shortly after it was launched and quickly expanded with a menswear line in 2009, followed by an online market place that came shortly after they widened their audience to men. While reflecting on the accomplishments of the brand thus far, Rachel notes that the “mix of personal and aspirational” that differentiates the feel of the store “reflects the size of the brand” and resembles how they are still growing.

The company has undoubtedly mastered the art of filling their stores with exceptionally beautiful merchandise, however, there’s another aspect of this company that flirts with fashion enthusiasts – the editorial.

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cc: Frances May, Winter Night

The features are inspired by the “showcase [they] buy and [their] vision for each season.” It is evident that the creatives behind the Frances May brand know what their audiences are looking for as this segment of their blog is impressively tasteful, so much so that their photographs depict beauty that so vividly comes to life on screen.

“We work among a community of friends who are stylists, photographers, hair stylists and makeup experts to contribute to our photoshoots. [We] take each piece and style them in a way that is aspirational.”

The concept of being aspirational was consistent in my conversation with Rachel. It seems to be a theme and value among the brand as they are continuously preparing for what’s next. Pam’s vision for the company persists and contributes to the evolution of the brand, and there’s rumored to be exciting things ahead – so exciting it’s worth falling over for.

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cc: Frances May, Winter Night

For more inspiration from Frances May:

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