tis the season


Tomorrow my sweet mom and I are hosting our annual cookies & cocktails party, and I couldn’t be more excited! To really embrace the spirit of Christmas and the holly, jolly holiday vibes, I made a little impromptu inspiration board – featuring ALL of my favorite xmas things.
Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 10.14.51 PM

1. While Christmas tree hunting is always a highlight (see #7), I started with this photo because what on earth is more festive than holiday lights?! Everything about this represents the holidays, and I love it.

2. Christmas cookies – another December tradition in our home. In fact, when I was in third grade, we started our little cookie party as a result of our obsession with holiday cookies. So naturally this deserved a spotlight on the inspo board. I love passing down recipes and making my great-grandmother’s spritz cookies. It adds to the magic of Christmas and everything that matters this time of year.

3. Wrapping. always a favorite. I love getting creative with holiday wrapping. Whether it’s using old newspapers and pairing them with pretty ribbons and festive bows or using stamps and paint to create handmade holiday tags, there’s so many ways to make pretty packages to add a little extra sparkle under the Christmas tree.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 10.15.03 PM

4. This wouldn’t be a fashion blog if holiday fashion didn’t make the inspo board! A few days ago I came across an article from Who What Wear featuring Lauren Conrad (she’s my idol for a reason, y’all) in all her holiday glory. The next three images are my favorites from the piece.

I picked this image for #4 because I love the mix of textures – the shaggy pink fur jacket matched with a black lace romper. Immaculate. These two pretty pieces complement each other effortlessly for the holidays.

5. All hail the metallics! LC looks flawless in this bronze dress, but that’s not the only reason it qualifies as a must-have for the holidays. I love the color and material of this simply-styled dress. It’s so different from the traditional festive fashion approach and I love it. So chic. So fab. So great.

6. This navy blue slip dress matched with glitter oxford shoes make LC 3/3 on holiday fashion. Matched with a navy quilted-style bomber jacket, this outfit works because it’s an unexpected combination of fabrics and textures that accentuate one another. On another note- I love these three outfits because they stray from the mainstream trends of holiday fashion. There’s no dark reds or alluring greens, no ugly sweaters (ugly or not, you know you love it) and no booties or high-waisted jeans. I’d love to see your holiday looks, so share them on Instagram with #VVFestiveFashion. Can’t wait to see!

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 10.15.13 PM

7. In addition to my love of Christmas tree hunting, I had to include a photograph honoring flannel + plaid for the Christmas season. Another popular holiday trend, plaid is perfect for him and for her in all degrees. More than that, everything about this sweet image is full of winter bliss. I know of few families who cut down a fresh tree every year, but for us it’s a tradition – one we’d never change. This image seem to honor that. From the snow to the tree stumps to the victor of the perfect tree, heck the only thing it’s missing is the complimentary apple cider.

8. Homemade marshmallows. Mmm, these take me back to days as a kid. I remember we used to have snow days on snow days around the holidays. Winter break came so sweetly because of the 2-hour delays and days of no school. As kids, we used to wake up early and bundle up to prepare for hours spent in the snow. We lived on top of a huge hill when we lived in Pittsburgh, and I swear that hill transformed into it’s own little mountain when the snow came. We’d ride down and trek up the hill again and again and again, and after hours of play when we finally got tired, we came inside to the most delicious cup of hot cocoa. My mom has her own special take to this indulgence, a particular twists that has established itself as a holiday tradition in our home.

9. Another Christmas tree! Are you surprised? Decorating the tree is another December to-do in our house. My parents have diligently saved ornaments for years and years and decorating our Christmas tree with a lifetime (and more) of memories is pretty special. There’s ones my mom made in grade school, one my dad made for my mom while they were dating in high school and ones my brother and I made as kids. It’s a magical curation of pastimes that encapsulate where we’ve been and who we are and every year we’re reminded of that at this time of year. So as we tear the wrapping paper and gush over gifts and generosity on Christmas morning, we’re also blessed by little sentiments that dangle on the tree amidst the bright lights and remind us how special this time of year really is.

So here are a few of my favorite holiday things. While many are inspired by the spirit of tradition, I love the fashion of Christmas. not just the ever-so-important outfit inspo, but the little things that all contribute to how we cherish whatever holiday we celebrate at this time of year. Wishing you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons.

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