holly jolly holiday love


A little Lauren Conrad love in light of the holidays!


All over my Instagram tonight is pictures from the holiday gift shop – an event that took place tonight in LA featuring Lauren Conrad, along with friend and co-partner Hannah Skvarla, and her brands The Paper Crown and The Little Market. Not only was this event everything pretty with lovely decor and a whimsically romantic aesthetic, but it promotes aspiring entrepreneurs and local businesses in the Los Angeles area during the holiday season. Other names behind the event include photographer Gray Malin, Jeni Maus of Found Rentals, Courtney Shannon of Poppy Jack Shop calligraphy, Ariel Gordon jewelry, Ilia beauty, Sugar Paper social stationery and Urban Botanicals. It’s inspiring to see one of my favorite role models using her style and taste to explore new avenues.


There’s something that’s cool about nurturing an interest in fashion, and I’ll tell you what it is. Developing a keen eye in fashion strengthens a skill set that can be applied to so many different things – anything artistic, really. If there’s something that involves innovation, visual creation and applying the basic understanding of what works and what doesn’t, that knowledge is powerful. And Lauren Conrad is a pretty radical example of that. As a brilliant and talented woman, Conrad started her career as an intern at Teen Vogue (throwback to The Hills) and continues to exercise her love of fashion through her LC Lauren Conrad fashion line. But Conrad’s success isn’t limited by her endeavors in the fashion industry. Her accomplishments in the world of designers and clothes has only prepared her to excel further in her other artistic pursuits.


So, if there’s any piece of your heart that falls under any spectrum of the “artsy” umbrella, pursue it. Investing in those skills and developing your taste will contribute to the dreams you expose down the road. And if you’re in need of some holiday gift ideas, check out some of the brands who contributed to tonight’s event! Happy holidays, friends. Xx!

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