november fashion-inspo from nordstrom



You know it’s time to start preparing for the holiday season when the awaited Nordstrom seasonal catalog arrives in the mail. The newest November edition is profound; full of rich photographs and a variety of spunky looks that encapsulate the contagious energy of the winter season’s most popular trends.

Ranging from lace to leather and flashy sequins to textured fabrics, the production of Nordstrom’s catalog successfully does two things. Not only does it provide a multitude of content that engages a variety of different styles, but it does so in a way that perfects the visual aesthetic of the project as a whole. The photographs are vibrant, bold and projects a stylish energy that extends far beyond the pages of the catalog itself.


In the spirit of drafting a tentative christmas list, I selected a few of my favorite looks from the catalog. My favorite looks are particularly defined by the elements of unexpected surprise. I love the oversized cheetah jacket, the embellished clogs, the shimmer nylons + the sequin tops. Retro, chic and utterly glamorous all in one.

Nordstrom’s investment in the creative planning and execution of this well-done publication makes it abundantly clear – the season does in fact start here.

nordstromnovfashion-7nordstromnovfashion-2nordstromnovfashion-3      nordstromnovfashion-5

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