a spotlight on heritage dry goods


heritagedrygoods-1The quality of mainstream stores has become predictable and undistinguished. With a lack of individuality and unique style, popular retailers seem to provide consumers with redundancy. The same products live on different shelves and create a mundane lull that persists between consumers and stores. Meanwhile, the presence of boutiques and the growing interest in local artisans are redefining the priorities of consumers everywhere. Among these emerging creatives is the heart and mind of Nicole Desch, the founder and owner of Heritage Dry Goods.

Heritage Dry Goods, a local business out of Eugene, Oregon, embodies a very authentic American energy that stands out against the white noise of popular retailers. In 2013, Desch was compelled to start a business that promotes the American dream by showcasing locally-made products and vintage items. Her upbringing and academic studies revealed the potential impact that American artisans possess and exposed Desch to the epiphany of an opportunity to support local economies.

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Desch draws much of her inspiration from her roots of Stillwater, Minnesota. She explains that growing up in a small town allowed her to observe the impact of local businesses on the community. A nearby window manufacturer employed half of her peers and provided a significant portion of local jobs. Experiencing this first-hand inspired her to create something purposeful that worked to sustain the progression and success of independent communities, and alas, Heritage Dry Goods was born.

The core of Heritage Dry Goods is a intricate network of Eugene designers, creators and curators who specialize in a variety of products including bags, backpacks, coats, clothing, small trinkets and gift items such as candles and food products. In addition to their work with local artisans, Heritage Dry Goods also partners with passionate college students. Desch notes the growing talent in the college town and shares her excitement to collaborate with like-minded creators. Among the students studying journalism, product design, marketing and even architecture at the University of Oregon, Heritage Dry Goods receives submissions of innovative ideas that come to life, including journals and t-shirt designs. These contributions enhance the mission of Heritage Dry Goods and add to the all-American energy that sustains the store.

While Heritage Dry Goods provides a variety of handmade merchandise that appeals to young audiences and trendsetters alike, Desch values the interactions that she shares with her customers and the relationships she has with the artisans with whom she works so closely. So much so that Desch founded the Eugene merchant’s association, a community of business owners in the Eugene area. Heritage Dry Goods exceeds the ordinary expectations of a consumer and provides an overt-the-top shopping experience.

To learn more about Heritage Dry Goods, check out their website {www.heritagedrygoods.com} or follow them on Instagram:@heritage_dry.

an early christmas list


christmas list:black friday

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’m embracing the start of the holiday season with some holly jolly christmas spirit! My family makes a big deal about christmas lists. It’s kind of a tradition – in fact, it’s one I particularly love. So for all you curiously fashionable bohemian spirits who are anything like me, here’s a peek at my top holiday gift ideas:

1.) As a fan of gold jewelry and quaint pieces that can accentuate any outfit, the crystal teardrop bracelet from the Flea Market Girl is one of my faves for this christmas.

2.) This rose petal crystal clutch makes me feel like I’m a guest at Gatsby’s party, so I had to add it to the list.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 6.04.35 PM

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3.) It took me a minute to realize the beautifully unique texture on these earrings from Miss Wax are actually inspired by PIZZA. Pinch me- I’m dreaming.

4.) Darling Magazine is one of my all-time favorite magazines for women. I’ve been following them for quite some time, but this year I’m desperately hoping for an official subscription!

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 6.04.49 PM

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5.) As one of the driving forces of this blog, my christmas list would not be complete without a little vinyl. This year I’m wishing for the Magnetic record by the Goo Goo Dolls.

6.) Kind of flirting with this chic, button-up t-shirt inspired dress from Natalie Rae.

7.) All pretty things with Marc Jacob’s daisy perfume.

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8.) The fabrics and mix of textures in this ‘Kendrick’ scarf by Composure make the perfect accessory for a dreary winter day. Chic + lovely all in one.

9.) The Andy Warhol Diaries is at the top of my reading list for 2016.

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10.) Glitter and glamorous Kate Spade glitter stud earrings.

I hope these boho chic holiday gift ideas have provided you with the best mini gift guide! Xx.

Disclaimer: pictures taken from Pinterest + retail websites.

november fashion-inspo from nordstrom



You know it’s time to start preparing for the holiday season when the awaited Nordstrom seasonal catalog arrives in the mail. The newest November edition is profound; full of rich photographs and a variety of spunky looks that encapsulate the contagious energy of the winter season’s most popular trends.

Ranging from lace to leather and flashy sequins to textured fabrics, the production of Nordstrom’s catalog successfully does two things. Not only does it provide a multitude of content that engages a variety of different styles, but it does so in a way that perfects the visual aesthetic of the project as a whole. The photographs are vibrant, bold and projects a stylish energy that extends far beyond the pages of the catalog itself.


In the spirit of drafting a tentative christmas list, I selected a few of my favorite looks from the catalog. My favorite looks are particularly defined by the elements of unexpected surprise. I love the oversized cheetah jacket, the embellished clogs, the shimmer nylons + the sequin tops. Retro, chic and utterly glamorous all in one.

Nordstrom’s investment in the creative planning and execution of this well-done publication makes it abundantly clear – the season does in fact start here.

nordstromnovfashion-7nordstromnovfashion-2nordstromnovfashion-3      nordstromnovfashion-5