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Starting the week with a multitude of good things – warm tea, orange flowers, pumpkin spice / apple cider donuts, baby pumpkins + a new blogging opportunity with Colabination! To say I’m ecstatic about this new position is a complete understatement. I am so looking forward to collaborating with talented designers, local boutiques and fashion enthusiasts to bring you engaging, thought-provoking fashion content.

Stay tuned for future posts + share your own inspiration with me in the mean time using the hashtag: #VVfashioncollab. Can’t wait to start this conversation with y’all! Xo.

free people inspiration board


Lately I’ve been feeling completely uninspired. I find sometimes while blogging that I get so focused on producing and publishing content that is compelling and relevant that I go through this cycle of thinking my work isn’t good enough. So to combat those negative vibes, I thought I’d turn to one of my favorite brands for some new ideas. To help me generate my best work, I turned to Free People and compiled a few of my favorite fall images to create an October inspiration board. Even though these photographs were recently shared on the free people twitter account, to me it resembles freedom and liberation and the kind of attitude I aspire to have while moving forward with my work this month. Here’s to sweater weather, the very best of fall fashion and pumpkin spice everything. Xoxo /


freepeopleinspoboard-6 freepeopleinspoboard-8


freepeopleinspoboard-3 freepeopleinspoboard-4


h&m redefines conscious culture


H&M’s conscious culture effort is redefining how their customers shop. While on a spontaneous shopping spree, I stumbled in to their store in the Gateway Mall in Eugene, Oregon and quickly took note of their recent campaign.

“Together we can close the loop: by reducing and recycling, old becomes new. We call this ‘Closing the Loop.’ When you bring your unwanted clothes or home textiles back to us you’ll receive 15% off your next purchase.”


Billboards, with the message featured on the right, decorate the bright white walls of the 3,300 stores owned by the company that dual as a place for consumers to rid of their unwanted garments. According the the company and the promo for the campaign, recycling one single t-shirt preserves 2,100 liters of water – for one t-shirt!

In addition to the motive and mission that fuels this project, the video H&M released in support of the campaign demonstrates a fascinating advertising campaign.

It combines both traditional and unconventional stereotypes and relates it to fashion and the way we use our outward appearance to convey our sense of self. Furthermore, the video received additional praise early last month as it was applauded for its decision to include a muslim model wearing a hijab (see photo, left).


With the emergence of the discussion of climate change, environmental impact and conscious consumerism, it’s inspiring to see notable, well-known names in the fashion industry taking a stand and contributing to the conversation in a meaningful and intentional way. The work on behalf of H&M is ingenious, exceptional and brilliant. Let’s hope these strides will inspire our other favorite brands to follow in their footsteps.