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Yesterday, Adweek published an article that highlights the leadership strategies of six powerful and significant women who have experience with media and marketing. The fashion industry’s very own Rebecca Minkoff participated on the panel and had some brilliant advice to share.

leaders in the industry

The opening paragraph of the article briefly notes how Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, dissolved boundaries of gender equality. Similar to the women featured in the article, Sandberg’s work has empowered the dreams of working women across the board.

I found this article to be engaging because it introduces the reader to women who have pursued careers in various industries. These women have different roles and different goals that define the success of their careers, but they have one unifying quality in common: confidence.

Velvet + Vinyl isn’t just a fashion blog that is intended to discuss seasonal trends, designer gossip and fashion how-to’s. This blog is a project that is meant to exude bravery and encourage confidence for all types of women, each with their own style. While Adweek’s compelling article does not discuss the fundamentals of fashion, it does provide an example as to what a woman who possesses confidence can do.

So regardless of what makes you feel competent and capable, be it your work or your wardrobe or something else, embrace the things that make you feel good about yourself. Establishing a sense of confidence will define you as a woman and that familiar sense of identity and knowing who you are will undoubtedly lead you to accomplish incredible things.

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