j. crew | NYFW collection


j.crew nyfw-7

J. Crew’s #NYFW collection went live today and it absolutely blew me away. The aesthetic, the colors, the patterns and the energy that pulses the entire collection was astounding.

j.crew nyfw-1

If you’re a follower of fashion, I’m sure you’ve heard of the infamous Jenna Lyons (pictured left), J. Crew’s creative director – an ultimate girlboss and an example of all things incredible. In addition to the launch of the spring / summer 2016 line, the brand also published an exciting announcement yesterday regarding its upcoming plans that will take the company in a new direction.

j.crew nyfw-4Because J. Crew has established an identity for itself that is associated with high fashion and high price tags, the brand recently began experiencing a decrease in sales. So to combat this financial concern, the company has announced a new emphasis on what they refer to as “heritage” products.

According to an article published by Fashionista, this new merchandise will serve as the company’s “bread and butter” and will include a variety of casual, yet crucial and fashionable basics such as cashmere sweaters, blazers and denim.

j.crew nyfw-2

J. Crew will be utilizing it’s new “style guide” as a marketing tool to advertise the new direction of the company. The style guide catalog will integrate timeless J. Crew pieces with the newly-introduced merchandise.

I think the creative energy that fuels this new campaign is brilliant. I love the concept of bringing back statement pieces that have defined J. Crew as a brand and complementing them with modern day trends. Seeing the existence of the fashion industry fuse with the intention of advertising inspires me. Looking forward to what the future holds for J. Crew! Also can’t wait for Jenna Lyons to blow our minds all over again.

See pictures + polaroids published with Fashionista’s article herej.crew nyfw-5 j.crew nyfw-3

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