NYFW: behind the lens


Yesterday, #NYFW photographer Melodie Jeng was featured on Amazon Fashion’s Instagram account and gave viewers a feel for a day in the life during fashion week. I thought this was a neat collab on Amazon’s account because it gives enthusiasts exposure to a different component of the fashion week experience. Jeng’s photos are lively and vivid and convey the contagious energy that fuels fashion week. Check it out!

Note: Photos are from @amazonfashion Instagram account.

Captions /


1. “Hi! My name is Melodie Jeng and I’ll be taking you through a day in the life of a photographer at New York Fashion Week. I believe this is my eighth time shooting  NYFW so I think I’ve got it down! Let’s hope the weather is great.” -Melodie


2. “I like to use a backpack to carry everything around during NYFW. I always have my camera (of course), a couple lenses, an extra camera battery, my wallet, metrocard, keys, a physical schedule, cell phone, extra charger for my cell phone, and water. It’s very important to stay hydrated during fashion week – it’s easy to forget to when you are so busy.”


3. “I love seeing the looks come together backstage. These tight buns at bcbgmaxazria became loose, beachy waves on the runway.”


4. “BCBG is always a great way to kick off fashion week.”


5. “I don’t mind shooting in the rain but there are times when you do have to stop and take cover. Being a photographer requires a lot of patience.”


6. “Wrapping up day 1: people always ask me how fashion parties are and I tell them, ‘I don’t know, I’ve never been to one!’ During fashion week, my nights are usually spent editing my photos. Shooting is just half of the work. Thanks for following along today, I hope you enjoyed my look behind the lens!”

Thanks for letting us have a peek at your role in #NYFW, Melodie!

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