pam + gela: back at it


Today’s talk: the new Pam and Gela line.

You might know Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor as the co-founders of Juicy Couture, but now they’re back and introducing a brand new line with a “rock ‘n’ roll bohemian” feel.

I love the approach behind this line – it’s simple and clean-cut but it’s also edgy, daring and different. It combines unique patterns and textures to give every day pieces a new energy and it maximizes the effects of the little details that captivate fashion enthusiasts.

My favorite branch of the line is the tribal necklaces. Not only are the colorful, beaded necklaces absolutely beautiful, but they enhance the identity of the brand. It’s different, and it’s effective.

pam + gela

The fashion industry is remarkable because it reinvents popular trends and styles that date back in time. However, it must not go unnoticed that the methods and strategies behind how we reinvent these timeless looks is the fuel that sustains the industry and keeps it compelling and exciting. Pam and Gela incorporated their individual interests and their own personalities in to this collection and it shows. Their work is truly spectacular.

Check out Pam and Gela at

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