LC takes NYFW


Lauren Conrad’s new line went live yesterday at fashion week and it is to die for. Inspired by the enchanted forest, the line is composed of pretty fabrics, romantic pieces and a perfectly pastel palette. It is chic and beautiful and everything that is Lauren Conrad.tumblr_o0xkpbpXox1ug4oh0o2_250

While there are many extraordinary designers featured on the runways at NYFW, What I love about Lauren Conrad is how personable she is. Myself, among many other teenage girls, were captivated by her role in MTV’s The Hills, but Lauren has established a tremendous identity for herself that exceeds far beyond that of an admired television show. She’s an author, an entrepreneur, a fashion designer — she’s the epitome of a girlboss and she executes her passions in a way that is flawless and honorable and galvanizing.

tumblr_o0xkpbpXox1ug4oh0o3_250The thing about Lauren Conrad’s new line is that it conveys such an authentic personality. And that is simply a result of the fact that the ideas that inspired the combinations strutting down the runway sparked from the creative intelligence of an individual who is so known among the public. We know Lauren to be independent, bold, kind-hearted, sweet, lovely and unapologetically herself. In the same way these adjectives are often associated with Conrad’s personality, these characteristics are also so present in her new line, and contribute undoubtedly to its success.

tumblr_o0xkpbpXox1ug4oh0o1_400I compiled a few of my favorite photos via Twitter + Instagram of yesterday’s show, while simultaneously allowing myself to live vicariously through each image. What I like about these photos is the story that they tell and how they transform a dream in to a vision and a vision in to a full blown reality. I think sometimes we all need the gentle reminder that regardless of what seems improbable and what feels impossible, there’s few things in this world that restrict us so much so that we become incapable of achieving them. With persistence and determination, the things that seem out of reach can often times become the things that we deem “miracles” and “dreams come true”.

So, shoutout to you, Lauren Conrad. May you continue to inspire the coming generations of girls and women to come, because in all honesty, the world could use more women like you.


Note: None of the featured images are my own.

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