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Yesterday, Adweek published an article that highlights the leadership strategies of six powerful and significant women who have experience with media and marketing. The fashion industry’s very own Rebecca Minkoff participated on the panel and had some brilliant advice to share.

leaders in the industry

The opening paragraph of the article briefly notes how Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, dissolved boundaries of gender equality. Similar to the women featured in the article, Sandberg’s work has empowered the dreams of working women across the board.

I found this article to be engaging because it introduces the reader to women who have pursued careers in various industries. These women have different roles and different goals that define the success of their careers, but they have one unifying quality in common: confidence.

Velvet + Vinyl isn’t just a fashion blog that is intended to discuss seasonal trends, designer gossip and fashion how-to’s. This blog is a project that is meant to exude bravery and encourage confidence for all types of women, each with their own style. While Adweek’s compelling article does not discuss the fundamentals of fashion, it does provide an example as to what a woman who possesses confidence can do.

So regardless of what makes you feel competent and capable, be it your work or your wardrobe or something else, embrace the things that make you feel good about yourself. Establishing a sense of confidence will define you as a woman and that familiar sense of identity and knowing who you are will undoubtedly lead you to accomplish incredible things.

freda salvador


The Refined Woman is one of my absolute favorite blogs and today they shared this sweet photograph featuring Freda Salvador co-founders Megan Papay and Cristina Palomo Nelson. These girlbosses work cohesively to manage their chic shoe company while also designing the products that make their brand so successful.


What I love most about this brand is their vision for their shoe line: “Our vision is inspired by the daring and self-expressive woman that embraces confidence and exudes a casual ease in her day-to-day life.”

Because this blog is dedicated to being rebellious through our individual sense of self-expression, it seemed appropriate to highlight the core beliefs that fuel the success of this company. Each shoe style translates as a message or a feeling that embodies the things that sustain a confident, strong, independent woman – a fascinating example of how fashion empowers.

j. crew | NYFW collection


j.crew nyfw-7

J. Crew’s #NYFW collection went live today and it absolutely blew me away. The aesthetic, the colors, the patterns and the energy that pulses the entire collection was astounding.

j.crew nyfw-1

If you’re a follower of fashion, I’m sure you’ve heard of the infamous Jenna Lyons (pictured left), J. Crew’s creative director – an ultimate girlboss and an example of all things incredible. In addition to the launch of the spring / summer 2016 line, the brand also published an exciting announcement yesterday regarding its upcoming plans that will take the company in a new direction.

j.crew nyfw-4Because J. Crew has established an identity for itself that is associated with high fashion and high price tags, the brand recently began experiencing a decrease in sales. So to combat this financial concern, the company has announced a new emphasis on what they refer to as “heritage” products.

According to an article published by Fashionista, this new merchandise will serve as the company’s “bread and butter” and will include a variety of casual, yet crucial and fashionable basics such as cashmere sweaters, blazers and denim.

j.crew nyfw-2

J. Crew will be utilizing it’s new “style guide” as a marketing tool to advertise the new direction of the company. The style guide catalog will integrate timeless J. Crew pieces with the newly-introduced merchandise.

I think the creative energy that fuels this new campaign is brilliant. I love the concept of bringing back statement pieces that have defined J. Crew as a brand and complementing them with modern day trends. Seeing the existence of the fashion industry fuse with the intention of advertising inspires me. Looking forward to what the future holds for J. Crew! Also can’t wait for Jenna Lyons to blow our minds all over again.

See pictures + polaroids published with Fashionista’s article herej.crew nyfw-5 j.crew nyfw-3

NYFW: behind the lens


Yesterday, #NYFW photographer Melodie Jeng was featured on Amazon Fashion’s Instagram account and gave viewers a feel for a day in the life during fashion week. I thought this was a neat collab on Amazon’s account because it gives enthusiasts exposure to a different component of the fashion week experience. Jeng’s photos are lively and vivid and convey the contagious energy that fuels fashion week. Check it out!

Note: Photos are from @amazonfashion Instagram account.

Captions /


1. “Hi! My name is Melodie Jeng and I’ll be taking you through a day in the life of a photographer at New York Fashion Week. I believe this is my eighth time shooting  NYFW so I think I’ve got it down! Let’s hope the weather is great.” -Melodie


2. “I like to use a backpack to carry everything around during NYFW. I always have my camera (of course), a couple lenses, an extra camera battery, my wallet, metrocard, keys, a physical schedule, cell phone, extra charger for my cell phone, and water. It’s very important to stay hydrated during fashion week – it’s easy to forget to when you are so busy.”


3. “I love seeing the looks come together backstage. These tight buns at bcbgmaxazria became loose, beachy waves on the runway.”


4. “BCBG is always a great way to kick off fashion week.”


5. “I don’t mind shooting in the rain but there are times when you do have to stop and take cover. Being a photographer requires a lot of patience.”


6. “Wrapping up day 1: people always ask me how fashion parties are and I tell them, ‘I don’t know, I’ve never been to one!’ During fashion week, my nights are usually spent editing my photos. Shooting is just half of the work. Thanks for following along today, I hope you enjoyed my look behind the lens!”

Thanks for letting us have a peek at your role in #NYFW, Melodie!

pam + gela: back at it


Today’s talk: the new Pam and Gela line.

You might know Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor as the co-founders of Juicy Couture, but now they’re back and introducing a brand new line with a “rock ‘n’ roll bohemian” feel.

I love the approach behind this line – it’s simple and clean-cut but it’s also edgy, daring and different. It combines unique patterns and textures to give every day pieces a new energy and it maximizes the effects of the little details that captivate fashion enthusiasts.

My favorite branch of the line is the tribal necklaces. Not only are the colorful, beaded necklaces absolutely beautiful, but they enhance the identity of the brand. It’s different, and it’s effective.

pam + gela

The fashion industry is remarkable because it reinvents popular trends and styles that date back in time. However, it must not go unnoticed that the methods and strategies behind how we reinvent these timeless looks is the fuel that sustains the industry and keeps it compelling and exciting. Pam and Gela incorporated their individual interests and their own personalities in to this collection and it shows. Their work is truly spectacular.

Check out Pam and Gela at http://www.pamandgela.com/.

LC takes NYFW


Lauren Conrad’s new line went live yesterday at fashion week and it is to die for. Inspired by the enchanted forest, the line is composed of pretty fabrics, romantic pieces and a perfectly pastel palette. It is chic and beautiful and everything that is Lauren Conrad.tumblr_o0xkpbpXox1ug4oh0o2_250

While there are many extraordinary designers featured on the runways at NYFW, What I love about Lauren Conrad is how personable she is. Myself, among many other teenage girls, were captivated by her role in MTV’s The Hills, but Lauren has established a tremendous identity for herself that exceeds far beyond that of an admired television show. She’s an author, an entrepreneur, a fashion designer — she’s the epitome of a girlboss and she executes her passions in a way that is flawless and honorable and galvanizing.

tumblr_o0xkpbpXox1ug4oh0o3_250The thing about Lauren Conrad’s new line is that it conveys such an authentic personality. And that is simply a result of the fact that the ideas that inspired the combinations strutting down the runway sparked from the creative intelligence of an individual who is so known among the public. We know Lauren to be independent, bold, kind-hearted, sweet, lovely and unapologetically herself. In the same way these adjectives are often associated with Conrad’s personality, these characteristics are also so present in her new line, and contribute undoubtedly to its success.

tumblr_o0xkpbpXox1ug4oh0o1_400I compiled a few of my favorite photos via Twitter + Instagram of yesterday’s show, while simultaneously allowing myself to live vicariously through each image. What I like about these photos is the story that they tell and how they transform a dream in to a vision and a vision in to a full blown reality. I think sometimes we all need the gentle reminder that regardless of what seems improbable and what feels impossible, there’s few things in this world that restrict us so much so that we become incapable of achieving them. With persistence and determination, the things that seem out of reach can often times become the things that we deem “miracles” and “dreams come true”.

So, shoutout to you, Lauren Conrad. May you continue to inspire the coming generations of girls and women to come, because in all honesty, the world could use more women like you.


Note: None of the featured images are my own.