you are beautiful


@Sincerelyjules shared this photograph on Instagram a few days ago.

FullSizeRender (4)

A refreshing reminder, right? In comparison to all the messages in the world reiterating our faults, our imperfections and our shortcomings — those draining reminders that ultimately diminish our self-worth — a simple reminder that whispers, “You are beautiful” has remarkable influence.

I think sometimes we spend so much time fixating on the things we dislike about ourselves that we forget to acknowledge the characteristics and details we actually like. Imagine how things would be different if instead of bashing celebrities and using media to criticize public figures we used these communication tools to promote one another; to bring light to our talents, to applaud our efforts and to encourage the traits that make us who we are. If we made a conscious effort to abandon the easy habit of talking negatively and replaced it with a intentional diligence to instead use words that have purpose and impact, it might enhance the way we perceive ourselves.

So here’s to learning to love the things that make us who we are. To committing to the discovery of our own unique sense of beauty and to the promise of always believing in it.

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